Day 11
March 25, 2021

James 3:13-18

         Whew friends we were half way through the week and the entire devotional, now. Yesterday was a big one to write. It took a lot out of me. Keep praying for me guys it helps out a whole lot. Our subject today is easily entreated. It’s the 4th, characteristic of wisdom which I’ve said many times comes from God and no one else. It may come through a person but the Lord still gave it through them to you right? The definition for this is to not be stubborn or obstinate, but yielding to others. In one word, SURRENDER. It’s basically what we’ve been talking about for the last 11 days but from different veins which circulate our life. Well then it is time to chat about what it isn’t, stubbornness. Your thoughts, come now isn’t it everyone’s favorite subject to talk about?

          Ok time to break it down y’all. The definition In Oxford’ languages is, showing dogged determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something, especially when it’s for good. The other is difficult to move, remove or cure. Let’s discuss Acts chapter 7 where My hero of choice for the day was the eldest of the first deacons appointed by the Apostles and the first martyr, Steven. At this time, Steven is speaking his closing argument, if you will, before the Sanhedrin just before they would stone him to death. The verses which lead up to this he speaks of God’s faithfulness to Israel, God’s chosen people, while he compares it to their rebellion against God I want to focus on vs-51. You stiff-necked people and uncircumcised in heart and ears you always resist the Holy Spirit. AS your fathers did, so do you.

         Knowing – Jesus.com defines stiff-necked as “Most unbelievers/believers resist and keep on resisting the convicting work of the Spirit, despite His gentle and tender entreaties.” In Greek “sklerotrachelos” the idea is taken from an ox who cannot be broken in to the yoke with another oxen because his neck is so strong that it is hard to turn them left or right. We become like the ox who doesn’t want to move. It does not bode well to grieve (Eph 4:31) or quench ( 1 Thessalonians 5:19) what the Holy spirit is trying to do. In basic terminology to grieve is to not acknowledge who The Holy Spirit is. To quench is not allow Him access to do what He desires through you at the time. Where the gradual impartiality comes in is between these two places. You cannot know who He is and not surrender to be the vessel He wants to use. When you are the vessel without “giving Him props” you are a vessel only half-full. Either way God’s power source is not at full capacity. Just as the Jews were angry at Steven enough to kill him, your heart and ears must be spiritually circumcised to His tender nudge.

         The Holy Spirit can also be: tempted, lied to, blasphemed, insulted, vexed, quieted, or fellowshipped. Maybe you can research those on your own? I need to save some space to spare you from me becoming long-winded. What does spiritually circumcision look like?  Forerunner commentary says, it’s like open heart surgery, the surgeon has to cut open and fix what is wrong in a person’s physical heart. When your heart is hindered from God the only way to make us yielded again it to cut the hinderance out. Then the heart is open, soft, and surrendered to God to affect it. Uncircumcised ears are those who hear God’s Word Holy Spirit imperfectly choosing to hear only what benefits them. My challenge to you is this where there is resistance, there is hardness of heart, and muffled hearing of Spirit. That my dear ones is dangerous. If we are not plugged into the source properly, if at all. The outcome of grieving and quenching boils down to who left you or Him?

            Let’s pray Thank you Jesus for sitting at the Right hand of the Father ever making intercession for me. When I don’t know how to pray, You gave me the Holy Spirit to pray with me, help comfort, guide, strengthen, and remember the truth. That comes from You about what You said, taught, and gave so I could do the same. Forgive me when I have not given You acknowledgment of who You are. Forgive me, when I have resisted Your Spirit’s desire to work through me because of my stubborn heart and unresponsive ears. (Hebrews 4:12 Message version into this part as a prayer) I know You mean what You say. May Your Word Cut my heart open like a surgeon’s scalpel, cut through everything, any doubts or defense I might have. I lay myself open surrendered to listen and obey. In Jesus name, Amen.