Day 13

March 27, 2021

James 3:13-18

          I hope you guys are soaking this in and letting the Holy Spirit have His way. This time we are moving onto the sixth number of wisdom, full of good fruits. You probably already know where I might be headed today then. Its fruit of the Spirit day. Woohoo! They are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Two of them have been covered in depth. Fruit in this verse can mean “deed, action, or result” of our good tending or hard work. It is the evidence of allowing the Holy Spirit to work in your life. How does one spot this evidence? Jesus mentions fruit. My focus now will be more on the fruit bearing than defining what each individual fruit is. Let’s head on over to John 15 to look at two kinds of branches, what conditions exist, and the purpose for fruit bearing.

          John 15:2 mentions the two types of branches (Passion translation) says He cares for the branches connected to me by lifting and propping up the fruitless branches and pruning every fruitful branch to yield a greater harvest. Our Father is the husbandman and Jesus, is the vine. You receive life from the Lord and were raised by a Father. The father’s job is to work the earth, cultivate his plants, and expect a return from them for his work. When your branch is hanging low drug in the mud, He is the one who picks you up and cleans you off. If your branch is too heavy and is on the verge of breaking because you can’t hold the weight any longer. Your Father will take some string or cloth and reinforce you with His strength to go on. Your branch might be just be entangled, plain, and overcrowded. He will personally pull the others away to find you and not leave you excess overgrowth or decay. After all the extra care and encouragement to grow more fruit is exhausted and there is none, the branch will be cut off. If you don’t allow God to do this and surrender, what is dead, useless. The branch is given the power instead this limits God.

          If you are not the fruitless branch, then you are bearing and going to be pruned to bear even more fruit. Life increases with pruning. Pruning is when you are being reshaped to Christ’s image through trials and your heart is cut back to reveal any idols in your heart. This is preventative so there are no hostile idol takeovers. No fruit can stay alive without receiving it from its source, Jesus the vine. John 15:4,5 speaks of the conditions to bear fruit. Without abiding in the vine there is no fruit rearing itself. Apart from it you can do nothing. Abide in Greek is “meno” remain, dwell, continue, and abide. I heard it described once like it’s being stuck to Jesus like glue. What is glue’s function? Wikipedia says glue is applied to one or two separate items which binds them together and resists their separation. The purpose of fruit bearing is to glorify your Father, and show you are Jesus disciples by bearing much fruit. (John 15:8)

          Actually, in the glue scenario its purpose covers abiding (being bound) to the Lord and your purpose of not resisting being separated from Him ever. This is the best summary of where I wanted to lead you today. Where does your impartiality enter the picture here? It enters with your desire to grow and mature or be stunted and regress. My family loves Star Trek and one species in there called The Borg has a motto “resistance is futile and you will be assimilated into our collective.” Your non-resistance allows you to be absorbed, transformed, made part of whom you are most to resemble, Jesus Christ. According to Matthew 7:20, this is based on “you will be known by your fruit.” Either your seed is good or it is not. As it matures, you find out whether the harvest is sweet and healthy or rancid and rotten. Where you are is your choice. Know that I love you and pray that this is ministering to you.

          Let’s pray…Lord, Jesus thank you for being my example of what total abandonment is. The totality of surrender of your Spirit enables my life to be plugged into the source and abide continuously. In that help me to know where I need to grow, be tended, or be cut back. I long to be known by the fruit Holy Spirit you have cultivated to mature in me. Let what needs to die be dormant and not be able to reawake. Your word says that I will be known by my fruit. If the seed implanted within me will stunt what Your will desires then send the flame to consume it to dust. I need Your grace to bear or not to bear fruit that matures untainted by my flesh. With my Spirit close to Yours I am rebuilt as a strong branch with overflowing harvest to others You need transformed. In Jesus name, Amen.