Day 2
March 16 ,2021
Genesis 8:13-19

            In Genesis 8:2 the fountains of the deep and the windows of heaven stopped and the rain was restrained. It took 150 days for all the water to begin to recede. Yet Noah and the Ark rested on top of Mount Ararat. When he was able to see the top of the mountains. He sends our first a raven, then the dove scouts out the area for life. First, she returns with nothing and the second an olive leaf. Finally, there was a sign of life in the olive branch. Ararat in the Strong’s #780 in Hebrew means the curse is reversed. Seven days later she flies again and does not return because she too found a new home.

            I would like to talk about the significance of the olive branch for a moment. Rabbi M. Schneerson explains, “the olive branch teaches us rather than placing our trust in promise from the peace of man we should place our trust in God. Even in the moment, it may seem a bit bitter ultimately it is the promise and the covenant of God that will prevail.” God kept his word by keeping them safe still while being shut in. The curse reversed in the cleansing flood so the whole earth would never be destroyed again. It was once again whole, peaceful, and complete.

            At this point Noah and the family were in the Ark for 382 days or 1 year and 17 days. Shut in but not shut out from God. Isn’t that how we feel sometimes like our connection with God is cut off. Many times, during this lockdown time I have felt closed off from God and that was me doing it. In the Ark it was God who did the shutting and it was calculated meaning the action was done with full awareness of the outcome/consequences.

           Now it was time for a new beginning because in verse 16-19. God’s voice speaks to Noah to go forth the from the Ark with his family and all the animals. Bringing forth with him every living thing that is with him of flesh and creature so they may be fruitful and multiply abundantly to reinhabit that place of promise. Lets talk about the act of going which is leaving or moving from one place. Bringing is moving toward another something, new place. The transition of this is calculated.

           This is what I like to call an opportunity for calculated engagement in the physical, spiritual, or emotional areas in our life. Time for some intentionality to leave one place where we are comfortable, safe, and waiting for the shift to another. All Noah’s family had seen for the longest time was water and each other. Both places never made them feel insignificant or unworthy. It’s not meant to do that for us either. What changes is what surrounds us, the atmosphere. Like when a rocket reenters the atmosphere it has a trajectory it must follow so it is not burned up or skip off the atmosphere. We must also so we don’t mess up what God is doing in our midst of the new thing. So where are you in the Ark still waiting or are you going forth through the door into freedom abundance and possibility?

Let us pray friends … Daddy we all know our connection with You is vital in times of trial and transition. Give us the strength to endure trials when we are shut out from that which we think keeps us living. In reality, You are all we need that can do that. Be our courage and resolve in Transition when we must intentionally choose to go forth out of being closed in. Secondly Jesus, You are the life breath of all things. Its our job to co-labor with You to bear fruit and multiply Your purpose on this earth. Forgive us when we have spent too much time in one place when You have moved on without us even knowing. If Your Spirit is not with us, we won’t go. If He has moved let us not miss what You are doing Lord! Teach us how to be intentional in the heavenly realm where You are.

In Jesus name, Amen