Day 20

WEEK 3 Day 7

April 4, 2021

            Yes, God is Good! You made it dear ones. So glad to be able to pour into you for the last 21 days. The last letter for the acrostic is E. It stands for EVERYONE! At the beginning of the week, I discussed Romans 15:7 “Welcome one another, as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” The KJV says, “receive one another as Christ also received us to the glory of God.” The NAS says “accept one another.” The Message says “reach out and welcome one another to God’s glory, Jesus did it now you do it.” The Passion Translation reads,” accept and welcome as partners. Just as the Anointed One has FULLY accepted you and received you as His partner.” I could go on but the point I am trying to make is this, everyone should be welcome, received, accepted, reached out for, and welcomed as partners…etc.

Isn’t this the very purpose Jesus so passionately and diligently died for? Today is Resurrection Day, He rose again so that not one of us would perish but all would have everlasting life. The goal for His body the church, His beloved bride is community, fellowship, and relationship. “True community that tells the glory of God. The possibility of community of redeemed sinners to display God’s worth to the world.” (Desiring God.org article, You are Welcome here, “What the Church says to the World,” Pastor Stephen Witmer). Once you were separated from God the Father because of sin. Yet Jesus bridged the gap and died for all, reconciling us again, in relationship to be One with God the Father. It was never about religion. You are Free, restored, clean, whole, complete, forgiven, worthy, saved, and fully loved.  At this time, I would recommend for you to look up scriptures containing the word ALL and read them. That’s my assignment for you for tomorrow or however long it takes.

In closing, let’s review our three main topics once more. Thank you, Pastor Renfro, and the Holy Spirit for revealing to me how I was to write this devotional. Our main focus is Reentering through Self-Surrender. It’s been a time of transition, over the last year. We must reenter and not remain shut in. Week One we talked about Calculated Entry, so people could feel valued, significant, safe and secure. Week Two, we progressed through Gradual Impartiality, where we needed to create a fair, non-judgmental environment with no preconceived bias or hypocrisy. This last week, our focus was on Team Effort, the Acrostic WELCOME, where people would feel welcome and like they were at home. If Jesus is our Home and we are His, there is no greater place to be, no better relationship to be in than one of mutual reciprocity. An exchange of privileges, one individual Jesus, gives to a person or persons (His church) and they in turn receive that and give it back to The Lord or to others. Both sides participate not just one. If Jesus being the ONE died for All. It’s our destiny being the All, to die for the ONE. Blessings my dear friends. Hope to see you on the flip side, until my next devotional. Let your prayer be your own today about what most spoke to you during this devotional.

With Love in Christ, Marni Hawkins