Day 3
March 17, 2021


            When we left off yesterday Noah brought out his entire household family and all the creatures with him. They each came out on their own. I stop here for a calculated reason. In verse 20 it talks about Noah building an altar first not a shelter for them to live in but he built a place to worship. Altar comes from Hebrew verbal root meaning to slaughter. In Greek it’s a place of sacrifice. Altars are places where the divine and the human interact, exchange, communicate and influence. A reentry encounter of surrendering so our significance, safety and value are in the right place in our heart and mind.

            Its really the first sacrifice in the Bible but it not as widely talked about as Abraham and Isaac. I believe Noah wanted to offer a burnt offering to the Lord and thank God for being with him and keeping them all safe. His intention was to remember the Lord. In Leviticus 7:11 it says that kind offering is one of thanksgiving an offering of peace.

According to learnthebible.org, a peace offering picture shows how Christ satisfied the wrath of God against sin and made peace between God and us a sinner. We have His peace within that reaches far beyond our understanding. (Philippians 4:7) Peace which is in our mind and heart. One that does not criticize, complain, whine, gripe, groan, and moan about life. I am one of those who tends to look at the negative side of things, if it wasn’t already obvious. In order for peace to rule in my heart as well as yours is to see blessings of God and thank Him no matter what happens. This takes our focus off the negative things.  

           The peace offering was also to include leaven (sinful, impure, or false). We’ve all been taught to beware what’s in our walk with the Lord because it can affect others around us. I’m just asking you to pause and let that sink in for a moment. Next, the peace offering was to be a heave or wave offering before the Lord presented to Him with our hands held high. Noah did the same he chose the clean animals and laid them on the fire and the burning became a sweet savoring smell “in the Lord’s heart” (vs.21) God said I will not destroy all life any longer. The offering came from who God showed Noah he was, SURRENDERED!

            Lastly, sprinkled blood was offered as being grateful for the shed blood of Christ for our sins. My soul is secure, forgiven, and remembered no more when confessed. After that Noah and his family would share a meal the same day. This speaks of fellowship with God and others. Being open and vulnerable to bring us closer. We don’t really offer burnt offerings anymore but what I’ve described is what it looks like now days. Words and prayers which are thankful go directly into God’s precious presence. It is well-pleasing to Him (Hebrews 13:15)

            Sacrifice is from an intentional place. Laying ourselves bare before God What I mean by this is give Him all, leave nothing out. There are hidden faults we don’t always know are there. Confess things even when you are not sure if it is impure or not. Jesus reentered Heaven when He died on that cross for us to sit as his Fathers right hand. We enter that same place in the heavenlies whenever we confess our sin and make ourselves right again.


Let’s pray…Here I am Lord teach what it feels like to Have nothing hidden and nothing missing in my life. Help me not to keep myself closed off from you. As I surrender to you open up my eyes to see before me the wide places waiting for me to walk through. Examine my heart to reveal where I have been unthankful so I can offer a sacrifice wholly pleasing perfect and acceptable to You. One that brings a sweet fragrance to Your throne in worship. You alone are worthy You alone are Holy. You alone are my greatest love. Lead to the Rock that’s higher than I. In Jesus name, Amen