Day 4

March 18, 2021

 I John 3

John 3:3-16


            I shared for the last 3 days about Noah. The reason for this is I felt it was a good way to transition between an Old Testament example to this new one. Because God saved him, Noah “remained alive” (Gen 7:23). Jesus saves us and gives us eternal life.  They both deal with a calculated reentry in a similar way. In John 3 we are introduced to Nicodemus. His name means victory of the people. He was a Pharisees, ruler, and teacher of Israel (John 3:1,10). According to Smith’s Bible Dictionary,” Nicodemus a noble candor and simple love of truth shine out amid hesitation and fear of man.”

            In John 3:3,4 the Passion Translation reads, Jesus answered, “Nicodemus listened to this eternal truth; Before a person can even perceive God’s kingdom, they must first experience a rebirth.” Nicodemus Rebirth? How can I be reborn a second time? In vs. 5a Jesus repeats I speak this eternal truth: Unless you are born of the water and the Spirit, you will never enter God’s kingdom. The eternal truth is the Word of God. My Dake’s Annotated reference Bible footnote states being born first the Word of God begets us to come into existence. The second birth is of the Spirit where we are adopted.

            Galatians 4:5 says we are redeemed under the law that we might be adopted as sons. To be born of the water we have breath, life, and safety. To be Born of the Spirit is where we find our value and identity sealed in Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit speaks, and we hear a voice or feel a touch of belonging. We mean something to God and can have that with other people too. Jesus is our deliberate choice who paid the ultimate price for you and me to live with Him forever.  I remember rededicating my life to the Lord in 1994. I was at a Young Adult group and during prayer time, not an altar call or anything. I heard a voice say Marni it’s time to come home! My heart was softened again, and my eyes, ears, hands, and words had new life again. When we surrender reentry begins.

            Let’s Pray…Thank you Lord Jesus for being the door and sealing Your redemption in us by Your Spirit! Teach me to see myself the way You do. Make me secure in Your affection so your love freely flows not only in me but thru me to change the world! My desire is for love to live fully in all of You. To take in extravagant dimensions of the love of Christ. I’m reaching out to experience its breadth, test its length, plumb loves depth, and rise to its highest heights. In Jesus name Amen