Day 6
March 20,2021

John 7:37-39

            Let’s continue talking about the fullness of the Holy Spirit and it’s constant flow. The Amplified version of John 7:37b-38 says this, “If anyone is thirsty let him come to (enter through emphasis mine) Me and drink. He who believes in Me (adheres to, trusts in, and relies on Me) as scripture has said, ‘From his innermost being will flow continually rivers of living water.’” The Greek word “Koilia” defines our inner being as hollow, belly, bowels, or midst of a thing. Essentially it is our soul, spirit, the seat of our intellect, emotions, and desires. Often called our inner/spirit man. (Proverbs 20:27) reads “Our spirit man is like a candle that searches all our inward parts. Basically, it tells us what is good or bad and knows our mind, will, and conscience. 

            It’s the light of God’s Spirit which brings out what is in us good and evil, life and death, flesh, or spirit etc. There are areas we all have in our walk with the Lord which remain deeply buried for one reason or another. The first because its too painful to deal with. The second, is it’s not God’s time for it to be brought out. When the Spirit of the Lord gently leads us to release it so He can bury it for good. Never to be dug up again. After all Jesus only had one resurrection why do we try to take that thing back. Jesus finished it for us on the cross and rising again giving us victory over that are of wounding. By His wounds we are healed.

            Remember there is safety and security in surrendering especially when it hurts. Its out of our pain we can feel, learn, and grow from that point of wounding. God gave us feelings; we are made in His image. He feels too what we do. It’s alright and perfectly normal to have the gamut of emotions. The Holy Spirit is around constantly so we respond correctly and not just react. It requires tempering of ourselves to not overreact. Personally, I tend to feel things too much, over-emotional. I pray to have control of myself often, but I need to do it more. I find in my greatest weakness, God’s prevailing spirit bubbles forth as strength to press on.

            I will finish with telling you about an artesian well. It is a well from which water flows under natural pressure without pumping to the surface naturally. I believe the role of the Holy Spirit is that well in us, always flowing His power in us so we can respond to His prompting in dealing with life. Let’s not be like a beaver who can dam up the river, so the water stops moving. Surrender ushers us into constant flow to being molded from the inside out!

Let’s pray: God You Are My God. I can’t get enough of You! I’ve worked up a hunger and thirst for You alone Lord, I’ve travelled across dry and weary lands, deserts and rolling hills. I’m still not satisfied with anything but You. Nothing nor no one is better for me. So here I am in this barren place finding myself wanting more of You and less of me. Your generous love can make me really live at last. My lips would brim up praises like fountains. I will bless You as I breathe with my arm lifted high to praise You!