Introduction for Week 2:

            Today I would first like to review the aspects of reintegrating back into church. We discussed the first aspect last week, Calculated Reentry. This week we will be discussing the second aspect, Gradual Impartiality. Lastly, Passion week will be about Team Effort. So, lets briefly discuss what Gradual Impartiality is. Collins Dictionary describes it as developing little by little, not sharply or suddenly but slow and continuous. Bible Gateway defines Impartiality (without partiality) as the ability to be unbiased towards any one race, class, or person. This attitude is demonstrated by God and is to be emulated by us. How is God impartial? Romans 2:11 in NLT answers this question. It simply states God shows no favoritism. Pastor Renfro expressed this atmosphere as being one of unjudgmental rebuilding.


Day 8
March 22,2021

James 3:13-18

            That was our condensed introduction for Week Two of Reentering through Self Surrender Devotional. So, I knew I was to base this week on James 3:17. While the KJV does not use the word impartial in the verse itself it does use without partiality. It reads, it is wisdom from above that is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, without hypocrisy. Since there are 7 characteristics of wisdom other than impartiality (this will be talked about everyday), we have the topics to discuss for the next 7 days. Wisdom only comes from Fearing God. It does not mean being afraid of God but to honor Him above all people and things. It begins with God and is determined by us what we will do with it, if we even do it at all. Today’s topic purity is defined as chaste, clean, or holy.

            Matthew 5:8 says it best the pure at heart shall see God. The Greek word clean “katheros” is free from anything soiled or corrupt. What do you think of when you hear that word pure? Two things come to my mind about this. One, the purity of my words comes from the abundance of what is in my heart. (Matthew 12:24) Then what is in my heart comes out of my mouth. Is your heart clean, is it full of life? Proverbs 4:23, says we must be vigilant in guarding life and where it flows from. My Dake’s Reference Bible describes this as not only the arteries carry blood to all the parts of our body but also evil and good deeds come from the very center of man (who we are). Jesus says people can be judged by what they say and do because it reveals what is inside. That is how we become pure by allowing God to do it from the inside out. We must be careful and not careless about the atmosphere we bring with us when we are around others.

            The second thing is the words Jesus speaks make us clean and pure (John 15:3). Shouldn’t our words be the same for our friends, family, and co-workers? Our words should make people feel good about themselves and full of life the moment we open our lips, not full