Devotionals:  Presented for Your Personal Spiritual Enrichment
A Daily Journey Through the Easter Season


            During a leadership meeting recently Pastor Renfro made a statement. The statement was this: “We need to help our people transition back through a process of reentry.”  What does he mean by this?  This last year has been challenging to say the least.  We have been in lockdown, wearing masks and following guidelines to stay safe and healthy during a pandemic.

            In addition to this let me add a few others of mine.  My niece who is estranged from her father is living with us and until she moves out we are not permitted to see our other seven nieces and nephews.  Russ’s Mom needed a lot more help than we realized and finally decided it was time to go into assisted living.  My Mom is struggling with the beginning stages of amnesiac dementia.  My Dad had arthritis all down the right side of his body and can barely write.  We haven’t been able to see the rest our family due to COVID 19.  Anyone else feeling a little weighed down with all of this?

            I feel like a robot something not human when I have those masks on.  Like we are expressionless, almost devalued not quite making the grade.  This is what Satan wants, to make us feel insignificant, unworthy, and  scared right now.  Its happening at a rapid rate all over the world not just here in America.  We have been redefined as a number and not a person.  Identifying others as those who have COVID and those who do not.  One group is safe to be around and the other is not.  There are too many people in the same location we have to leave.  Don’t get to close.  This is the devil’s same game only with a new name to steal, kill and destroy our identity.  I am not saying we don’t need to follow the guidelines.  I am fed up with his scheming!

            Ok I’m done ranting for now.  Due to the lockdown, being shut in we may have isolated ourselves in our own walls of self-protection.  Comfortable safe at home in our walls of self-preservation.  Do we feel the comfort of our Father God beckoning us to be at home with HIM spiritually?  Have you felt: angry, overwhelmed, doubtful, depressed, frustrated or anxious?  The devil knows he does not have much time.  Evil is rampant and blatantly wide open in front of our very eyes.  It seems like it is getting harder to stay ahead in life constantly trying to keep up.  We my friends need to keep our eyes on Jesus; the heavenly and not the earthly; the eternal and not the temporary; the things above and not below.

            The definition of reentry is this: a second or new entry, a retaking of lease when conditions are not met, or the action of reentering the earth’s atmosphere after travelling in space.  Ryan Faulk says there are 3 aspects for successful reentry from space.  It must be Calculated, Gradual, and a Team Effort. I believe the same applies for reentry into church after a pandemic.

Calculated Entry – makes people feel safe, valuable, and significant.

Gradual impartiality – a fair, just, and impartial place with no judgment or condemnation.

Team Effort – is fellowship a place where we feel alive because of what Jesus died for.  We are home in Christ, Welcome Invited Family!