Day 1

MARCH 15, 2021

Genesis 6: 14-18

Genesis 7:13-22

           The first place we have mention of going in is in the time of Noah.  Noah and his family all went in the ark, along with the animals male and female.  All of them together on the Ark as God commanded and God shut them in.  That same day it began to rain on the earth.  The deep opened up and swallowed all alike both man and beast.  No one had ever seen rain and probably thought it was cool at first. Until it became a torrent which no one could survive?  For forty days and nights there was chaos except those in the Ark in lock down.  The door to those who needed saving was SHUT!!!!

            Jesus Christ is the door.  All who enter shall be saved (Acts 2:21) who call on His name!  The time is coming for those once again who it will be too late for.  Those that need a Savior.  I emphasize the word need.  For need acknowledges safety, significance and value.  In the ark that which was righteous was most valuable to God was life!  Philippians 2:10 says one day every knee shall bow and every tongue confess this very truth that Jesus is Lord.  

Doesn’t it feel like we have been in the flood zone again being swallowed up by waters swelling up from the deep?  Drowning in darkness, maybe not even realizing that is what God has brought to us a deep cleansing.  The times of darkness no light can we see, no voice of the Lord enters our deaf ears, stony hearts losing tenderness towards God inviting us to go deeper to draw near to Him and Him alone!  A time where deep wounding of nothingness spirit, soul and mind are being torn down.  Like Joseph in the pit and prison who thought he perceived insignificant in the world.

            ONLY GOD can pull us up, out and above that which keeps us enslaved.  He is our only safe place who gives us hinds feet in high places, strength in the valley, water in the desert, and value in crisis.  Our calculated belief of faith in One Father, our entrance through one Jesus Christ the door, and One Spirit.  Who testifies we are His adopted accepted perfectly loved.  Let’s pray…


You are the way the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except by You. Narrow is the way we enter humbly and bold through Your grace, Self-surrendering our whole lives spirit, soul, body, heart and mind so we can see the fullness of Your face.  Envelop us in Your manifest presence to see Your glory, behold your heart and rest in Your secure arms.  Thank You for in this place our value is no longer about us but about You.  Our charge to wait when the door has been shut and it is not time to go through.  Atonement is made by covering us in intimacy purchased by blood.  A time of testing Lord please examine our hearts to prepare, our hearts for coming out in the fresh free open wide air.  In hopes that in coming out Your presence is still there.