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Our Mission: “To be a beacon of hope to the lost, a community of care to the broken and hurting, a compassionate hand to the needy and  a source of Christ’s love to all.

Senior Pastor


David Renfro

Church Clerk:


Greg Hansford


Children’s Pastor


Cindy Renfro

Worship Leader: 

 Sarah Tait

Adult Ministry:

Lori & Jeff Northern


Young Adults:

Sarah Tait

Youth Ministry:

David & Patrica McIntosh

Compass Food Pantry:

Shaun & Sarah Tait

SWIM Ministry:

 Barbara Parker

Prison Ministry:

 Shaun Tait


Home Group: 

Russ Hawkins

Jail  Outreach & Compass Resource:

Pam McIntosh

Prayer Ministry:

Charlotte Muha &

April Andrade (Asst.)

Ladies Ministry:

Mary Mitchell

Nusring Home Ministry:

Russ Hawkins

Evangel Academy 

Rev. Jack  McIntosh, PhD

Technology Director

Rev. Jack  McIntosh, PhD

Education  Director

Rev. Jack  McIntosh, PhD